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Thing 7C: Google Reader

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One of my favorite blogs on my Google Reader throughout the entire summer has been Swiss Army Librarian, written by Brian Herzog.  Actually, the title is Swiss Army Librarian  or, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Fear and Loathing at a Public Library Reference Desk.  While Brian is a public librarian, many times he blogs about issues similar to the ones I face as a high school media specialist.

On July 30th, Swiss Army wrote about Tests for Hiring and Training.  He offered links to two documents, one used at a bookstore for hiring, and one used at his library as training for new employees.  I like them both and plan to answer them myself!  Additionally, with our media parapro’s hours in the media center being cut drastically, we are hoping to get some students to help us.  Hopefully, they will get credit for it.  These are great ideas that we could adapt for them.  Also, it would serve as great documentation of training if they are able to get credit.

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